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                   German slang


abpoofen (verb, reflexive) to take a nap or doze off note implies laziness; not proper cocktail party diction.
abrauchen (verb) be destroyed, explode note Was machen Sie, wenn Ihnen die Kiste abraucht?! - What will you do if the thing gets destroyed?! -- Ethymology: Rauch = smoke; rauchen = to smoke -- Literal translation: 'to smoke away'
abschdeln to booze
abspritzen (verb, intrans) to ejaculate
amtlich propper, good in a cool way
anbaggern (verb, trans, seperable prefix) to approach s.b. note to approach someone (usually of the opposite sex) with sexual intentions
angraben (verb, trans) same as "anbaggern" note literal 'to dig on someone'
anmachen flirt,hit,give the eye note Usually used by younger people in schools when approaching the ooposite sex ,or as an encourage for male to make a pass on shy girl: -Mach sie an!(literally:Make a pass!)
anschaffen to work as a prostitute
anscheien (irreg. verb, trans., sep.) to report (sb) note Er schi mich bei der Polizei an = He reported me to the police
anscheien (verb, transitive, seperable prefix) to scold, to reprimand s.b.
anscheien (irreg. verb, trans., sep.) to do the dirty (on sb.) note da hast Du Dich aber anscheien lassen = you were really done there
anscheien (irreg. verb, trans., sep.) to give (sb) a bollocking note mostly used in a nominalized form: Mein Chef gab mir einen Anschi = My boss gave me a bollocking
Arsch, der ass, buttocks note can be used as an insult, synonymously with 'Arschloch'
arschficken (trans.) to penetrate the ass note "normal" way of fucking for gays
Arschlecker (noun, m) arse licker note used as insult or as pejorative reference to somebody
Arschloch, das anus; detrimental person note derogatory; second meaning very common nowadays.
Arschlochkarte ziehen, die to be down on one's luck note to get the blank
Aufreisser, der (noun, m) ? note literally: someboby who (tries to) tears open somebody else (girls usually) less often used in the femal version: Aufreisserin Der alte Aufreisser hat sie rumgekriegt! - This old fucker got her!


baggern (verb, intrans.) to approach note to approach one or more persons (usually of the opposite sex) with sexual intentions
Bert (masc. noun) complete idiot. note Also an out-of-fashion first name.
bescheien (irreg. verb, trans.) to cheat note literally: to shit (on sb.)
beschissen Shitty, fucked up, quite poor note Der Flug war ganz beschissen.= The flight was really shitty.
beschnitten circumcised
besorgen to fuck s.b. (obligatory orgasm) note Usage: Er hat es ihr besorgt = He fucked her alright
Beule,die erection
Bierficker (masc. noun) insult; literally 'beerfucker' note could mean 'someone whose dick is so small that it fits into the opening of a beer bottle'. maybe that's why it's an insult.
blasen (verb) to give a blow-job note usage: jemandem einen blasen
bollern to fuck
braut, die (noun) bride note General meaning: bride. When used by teens or twens also meaning: Very nice and cute girl. Example: He, schau dir mal die Braut dort an ! --> Hey, look at this bird !
Bumsbomber, der (noun) Literally: "Fuckerbomber" note In the 70's and 80's many German men took tours to Thailand for the express purpose of living out sexual fantasies, e.g., group sex, sex with exotic women, etc. Flights heavily populated with such "tourists" were the so-called "Bumsenbombers." See "Tripper-Clipper."
bumsen to fuck
Busengrapscher, der Tit-toucher note Someone who touches another woman's breasts, against that person's will, normally from behind. In the 1980's there was a scandal in Germany when a member of parliament of the Green party was found to have done this to one of his famale colleagues.


dicke Eier haben (phrase) to be (very, very) horny note literal 'to have big nuts (testes)'
dummschwallen to talk nonsense
Dumpfbacke (fem. noun) lit. "dumbcheek", dimwit, stupid or boring person note very colloquial, street jargon, obviously not too polite


Eier, die testicles note Used in plural only.


ficken (transitive) to fuck note Only used to refer to anal or vaginal penetration.
Fischkopf (noun) "Fishhead" Somebody from the northern provinces
Flocken, die (noun, pl.) money note literal 'flakes', very common
Fotze, die vagina note used also as injury for a woman
Fresse, die (noun) face
Fnf gegen einen masturbation
furzen to fart


Gebabbel, das nonsense, stupid talk note used in Hessen (Frankfurt and surroundings)
Gebrabbel, das nonsense, stupid talk
geigen (verb) to fuck note literal translation: to play the violin
geil (adjective) horny note nowadays very widely used to express positive sentiments towards anything (ex. ein geiles Lied, geiles Auto, geiles Buch etc.). Stronger forms (only with this meaning): saugeil, tierisch geil, affengeil, oberaffentittengeil
Gertrud fucky girl, woman,whore,bitch...etc...
Gesabbel, das nonsense, stupid talk
Geschwalle, das nonsense, stupid talk
Geslze, das nonsense, stupid talk
Gbelmasse, die (fem. nom.) alcoholic drinks note Er hat sich kbelweise Gbelmasse in den Kopp gekippt. He drank quite a lot of alcohol. lit: vomitsubstance
gbeln (verb, intrans) to vomit
grapschen {= grabschen} to touch note Used when someone touches another person's ass, breasts, reproductive organs against that person's will.


Hinterlader, der (noun, m) ? breech-loader note also used as weak insult for male, passive homosexuals litteraly: charged from behind
Hosenscheisser, der Someone who always shits in their pants note a common insult
Hure whore
Hurensohn son of a bitch


Ische girl or woman note Used to describe one's own or somebody else's gilrfriend: "...seine Ische". Slang, but not insulting (except for feminists). Basically "Manta"-dialect (used by car mechanics and hairdressers)


Jabolo (masc. noun) Informal greeting or harmless insult note A bit of a cult in the Southwest of Germany. Example: Jabolo, Schleim was geht? Fore more details check out the Jabolo Homepage at http://www.ee.ed.ac.uk/~ee3kv/jabolo.html
jemandem einen blasen to give somebody a blow job


kacken (verb, intr.) to shit
Kennsch de Wayne? {Wayne intressiert's?} Who the fuck cares? note Quite offensive if you say it to someone who's just told you something they consider interesting.
kiffen to get high, to toke
Kippe, die (noun, feminine singular) cigarette note Example: Hast du mal 'ne Kippe?
Kiste, die (noun, f.) female breasts, tits note esp. used when the tits are big (Die hat eine groe Kiste = She has big tits)
Kitzler (noun, masculine) Clitoris note Commonly used. Roughly equivalent to the short form "clit" in English.
Klampfe (fem. noun) guitar
klatschen (verb, transitive) to clap, to beat up note This word is used by right-wing gangs for beating up racial or ethnic minorities (Trken klatschen, einen Neger klatschen)
Klo, das Public men's room. The can. note This word made famous in the movie 'Taxi zum Klo.'
Klo, das loo
Klugscheier, der smart ass note refers to a person who talks like he is very clever, where in reality he is very obviously not clever at all
knallen to fuck note Verb, transitive
kotzen (verb, intrans) to vomit
krank (adjective) sick (having her period) note a common way for a woman to let a gentleman know that she's flying the red flag: "ich bin krank". It could of course be lots of other things, and only the context will make it clear (he's ready to roll in the hay, and she's less than enthusiastic).
Krumbaschniedschie (mas. noun) german potatoe pancake (Trier slang)
kbeln (verb, intrans) to vomit note Kbel, der (noun, m.) = bucket


Lappen, der driver license note literal translation: rag, cloth. German driver licenses were once made of large (A5 folded in half) gray paper
Latte, die lath, erection
Leck' mich kiss my ass note Shortform of "Leck mich am Arsch"; In Bavaria also usable as expression of pleasure, surprise or even compliment ("Leck mi, schaut die gu(a)t aus")


Muse, die (noun, pl.) money note literal 'mice', very common
Moese, die vagina
moesen saft cunt juice note I fancy a pint of cunt juice
Moos, das (noun, n.) money note literal 'moss', very common
Mpse (noun,pl.) boobs, female breasts note see official lotto slogan 'ran an die mpse'


nageln (verb, transitive or intransitive) to copulate (with someone) note literal:'to fix with a nail', funny, but not offensive expression
Nutte, die whore


ochsen to fuck
dbacke, die boring person note literal translation: boring cheek
orgeln (verb) to fuck note literal translation: to play the organ


Pappnase,die ? note detrimental person ; stupid person
Pappnase,die ? note detrimental person ; stupid person
Patte, die (noun, f.) money note no literal translation, very common
Pflaume, die (noun, f.) female genital region note literal 'Prune', offensive
Pimmel penis note noun
poppen to fuck note used in a funny sense
Poppstar (m, noun) see poppen note The person U R talking to should know the word 'poppen'. It is a combination with engl. Popstar. This has only a funny meaning.;)
puderdose (fem. noun) pussy, twat note rather nice discription for a pussy but should not be used in polite conversations.
pudern to fuck
Pups, der (noun, m) a fart note children's language


Querfotze (fem. noun) Literally 'cunt going sideways' note Only say it if you want to really offend a woman.


rammeln to fuck note Rammler = male rabbit or hare
rammeln to fuck note Rammler = male rabbit or hare
reihern (verb, intrans) to vomit note Reiher, der (noun, m.) = heron (big fishcatching bird)
Rottler (masc. noun) wanker note Hessian term.
runterholen, sich einen to masturbate


Sack, der testicles, balls
Sackratten lousy animals,nisting at the balls,not funny
Scheisse, die shit
Scheihaus, das (noun, n.) loo, toilet note literal 'shit house', common, but not suitable for public usage
Schlampe, die unorderly woman note woman who neglects her appearance or her household duties or who fucks around. Used as an insult by intolerant people.
Schlampenschlepper, der (noun) Pimp's car; literally "slut dragger." note Used to indicate a (usually) large, American automobile, like those commonly seen in film scenes depicting pimps and their working girls. An old wreck.
Schnecke (fem. noun) ? penis note child language.
Schnecke, die (noun, f.) handsome female persone note literal 'snail', of course considered offensive by feminists
Schniedel, der (noun) penis note funny expression, not offensive
Schnitte, die (n.) chick note Schau dir 'mal die Schnitte an! (Look at that chick!)
schnitten nageln to nail some chicks note common slang
Schnittenalarm (n.) lit. chickalarm, means "that there are some chicks around"
Schoglatze,die (fem, nom) circumcision note He is circumcised. / Er hat eine Schoglatze lit.: bald-headed lap
schrullen, abschrullen (verb) to piss note Example: Muss schrullen wie's Tier!
Schwaadlappen (noun) cologne dialect for a person who talks endlessly note Du bist mir aber ein Schwaadlappen
Schwanz, der penis
Schwanzlutscher, der (noun, m) cocksucker
Schwengel, der (noun) penis
schwul gay note Formerly derogatory, now used by gay people to refer to themselves.
Stnder, der erection
Steifer (noun, masc.) erection note einen Steifen haben = have an erection
Strapse, die (plural) girdles
strullen (verb, intr.) to piss note used in a funny sense


tackern to fuck
Titten, die (noun, pl., f.) female breasts, tits note common, but offensive
Torte Pretty Woman, Foxy Lady note Hey, Torte komm mal her zu mir!
Tripper, der (noun) The "Clap" [gonorrhea] note The term is related to the verbs "tropfen" (to drip) and "triefen" (to run like a fluid, to drip). Obviously this has to do with the physical effects of the illness.
Tripper-Clipper, der (noun) Literally: "Clap [gonorrhea] clipper" note In the 70's and 80's many German men took tours to Thailand for the express purpose of living out sexual fantasies, e.g., group sex, sex with exotic women, etc. Return flights were heavily populated with such "tourists" who were often exposed to, if not infected with a social disease. See "Bumsenbomber."
tuete, die (noun) Joint note The common way for young people to say 'joint'. Example: Gib mir mal die Tuete rueber - Pass me the joint.
Tunte, die gay, transvestite note used for "obviously" homosexual persons
Tussi young girl note geile Tussi: good looking girl


verdammter Schweinehund (neut. noun) idiot; absolute moron; dodo note Pronounced fair-DAHM-tir SHVINE-hoont; means, literally, "Damned pigdog." Can be used as an expletive: "Ach! Verdammter Schweinhund!" or as an insult: "Du bist ein verdammter Schweinhund." Means stupid in a sloppy, revolting, or ridiculous way. Uncommon.
verpissen, sich (verb) to go away (literally: piss oneself away) note Verpi Dich! = go away!
vgeln (verb, intrans.) to fuck (each other) note very widely used in the 1970s and early 80s.


wegflexen, jemanden (inf. verb) to flatten someone note Er hat ihn weggeflext. He knocked him over.
weisser Bart (male noun) similar to pearl necklace, white {sperm} beard note semen on one's chin after fellatio
wichsen (verb, intransitive) to masturbate note the transitive usage with the original meaning 'to polish' as in "Schuhe wichsen" is falling into disuse.
wie's Tier (expression) like an animal note Very popular in the Southwest to emphasize what you say.
wixen (verb, intransitive) to masturbate note alternative spelling: wichsen
Wixer, der masturbator, asshole note generally used as an insult. alternative spelling: Wichser
Wo hockt de Bus? Who the fuck cares? note Literally 'where is the bus?'


Zuhlter, der (noun) A pimp
zusammenscheien (verb, transitive, seperable prefix) to scold, to reprimand s.b. note much more aggressive than 'anscheien'

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