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The start of a new learning experience

This site is not to take the place of the school room teacher but as an aid and to help all, our children and non English speaking immigrants.

Get help from an adult as some of these experiments can make a mess. all these use house hold objects do not mix anything that is not safe, all these have been tested and are kid safe.

We are trying to make learning fun, So lets work together safely.

Here are some projects to start, you may need help from a older brother, sister, mum or dad even your grandparents.

               All sites are kids safe.            Have fun with learning.                              

Projects to make

                      To make a  Sundial go here.


Here are some sites that are in that are full of interesting fun thing to do.

                  Site links    Great sites


list of other great sites to help you:    

                    Here are  Experiments for you to do, from easy to hard all links are children safe.


Here are link to

      Science Fair Project Ideas                     

This link will go to  experiments http://www.sciencebuddies.org/mentoring/project_ideas.shtml



                      what they do,  places to visit when on holidays, They have some great centers.

Canberra - CSIRO Discovery Center: (ACT): http://www.csiro.au/org/DiscoveryOV.html

Canberra - NASA Deep Space Complex (ACT): http://www.csiro.au/places/ps1ue.html

 CSIRO Science Education Centre (Tasmania): http://www.csiro.au/org/psj1.html

CSIRO Education Programs in Tasmania: http://www.csiro.au/csiro/channel/pchcf.html



http://science.nasa.gov/      This is the USA governments space and  Aeronautics Research centre.

http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/  this link will take you to Earth Observatory.


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