Understanding the code




              SMS The new language  

                             for the 21 st century ! Text or sms.

Here is a small sample of the code used today, if you would like it all go to our sales page.

Code          Meanings

5O                                 Trouble or Police

9                              Parent is watching

04                           It's Alright

XXXOOO                  Hugs and Kisses
ASAMOF                              As A Matter Of Fact
ASAP                              As Soon As Possible
ASAYGT                              As Soon As You Get This
ASL                              Age/Sex/Location
ASLMH                              Age/Sex/Location/Music/Hobbies
ATAB                              Ain't That A Bitch

BRB                          Be Right Back
BRT                          Be Right There
BS                          Big Smile -or- Bull Sh** -or- Brain Strain
BSAAW                          Big Smile And A Wink
BSBD&NE                          Book Smart, Brain Dead & No Experience
BSEG                          Big Sh** Eating Grin
BSF                          But Seriously, Folks

C/S                          Change of Subject
C4N                          Ciao For Now
CAAC                          Cool As A Cucumber
CAS                          Crack A Smile
CB                          Chat Brat -or- Coffee Break
CBB                          Can't Be Bothered
CBF                          Can't Be F***ed
CBJ                          Covered Blow Job

CD                           Compact Disc
CD9                          Code 9 - it means parents are around
CF                          Coffee Freak

DBEYR                          Don't Believe Everything You Read

DITYID                    Did I Tell You I'm Distressed
DIY                    Do It Yourself

ETA                 Estimated Time of Arrival -or- Edited To Add
ETLA                 ETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym (that is, an FLA)
EVRE1                 Every One
EWI                 E-mailing While Intoxicated
EZ                 Easy

F2F                 Face-to-Face
FAB                 Features Attributes Benefits
FAH                 F***ing A Hot
FAP                 F***ing A Pissed
FAQL                 Frequently Asked Questions List

FIL                Father-In-Law
FILF                Father I'd Like to F***

FITB                Fill In The Blanks

FKR            F***er

FTL                Faster Than Light
d Ducking
GR2BR              Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish
GR8              Great
gratz              Congratulations
GRRR              Growling
GSOAS              Go Sit On A Snake
GSYJDWURMNKH              Good Seeing You, Just Don't Wear Your Monkey Hat
GT              Good Try
GTFO              Get The F*** Out
GTFOOH              Get The F*** Out Of Here

ZZZ                          Sleeping, Bored, Tired


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