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The start of a new learning experience

This site is not to take the place of the school room teacher but as an aid and to help all, our children and non English speaking immigrants.

This was started to help myself as well as others as I have been learning all my life, my school days were not very many as today they can diagnose learning problems, I have a learning disabilities I cannot understand what I read although I can write, I started playing with computers about 30 years ago when it was in it's infancy, my main problem is that I have trouble with reading and comprehending what I read. So if you find any mistakes in this or other pages please let me know where they are so they can be corrected. No excuses I am who and what I am these are the cards I was dealt.

My name is Allan Banks, wife is Andrea, son Matthew and daughters Shannon and Bridgette.

we live in Tasmania in Australia.

I am married and have been for 25 years I have a son 20 years old and two daughter, one is 18 years and the other 11 years of age.

My son has a disability and requires constant care 24/7 and supervision so this leaves us in the house a lot of time.

Our daughters both attend school and as their father yes they are smart sometimes to smart for there own good. As all parents will agree. They are their own persons, as are all children they get discipline, and guidance when its required and love all the time.

My view is that discipline starts at home and schools are there for learning not to discipline your children so help the teachers do there job teach and you do yours. This will then leave more time for work and play for all the children in the classroom.

We are not after charity just a fair go.

We live on a cares pension supplied by the Australian government.

As all good parents we want what is best for all our family, if this site help one person it's that's great gift I can give, I hope it helps a lot more though.

All this information was updated as of 1-1-08.

So if this site can help others great. All donations are voluntary.

We do not send or use any link that are related  to any unsightly material or could pose any danger to children.



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